Vancouver Island Institute of Medical Technology

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The Vancouver Island Institute of Medical Technology (V.I.I.M.T.) is a new school in Victoria, B.C. We are based out of Western Cardiology Associates which is a clinic boasting ten physicians offering four cardiac subspecialties.

Our clinic is where our students do their practicum.  In 2013 we saw 25000 patients.  As such we are rich in resources with which to teach our students.  

Our school is small and unique.  As a student you will be trained to deal with medical emergencies that you may come across in your career.  You will be provided with basic and advanced cardiac life support training, as well as learn phlebotomy and intravenous therapy.  Our classes boast a maximum of ten students at a time.  We are small and close knit.  The folks that do your initial interviews are the same people that will be teaching you.

As a result of our small size, we know our students on an individual basis.  This allows us to work with each one individually to taper our course to their life circumstances   In the perfect world you will be done our program in the allotted 56 weeks.  But if for some reason your world is not perfect we will work with you to help achieve our goals.

School Location: 
Vancouver Island