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2018 AGM Minutes AGM Resources
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2017 AGM Minutes AGM Resources
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2016 AGM Minutes AGM Resources
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2019 AGM Minutes AGM Resources
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2020 AGM Statement Report AGM Resources
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2020 AGM Revenue Report AGM Resources
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2020 AGM Expense Report AGM Resources
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2020 AGM Proxy AGM Resources
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2020 AGM Notice of Meeting AGM Resources
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2020 AGM BOD Reports AGM Resources
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2020 AGM Agenda AGM Resources
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Job Description - Vice-President Job Description
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Job Description - Treasurer Job Description
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Job Description - President Job Description
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Job Description - Provincial Director Job Description
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Job Description - Registrar Job Description
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Job Description - Education Director Job Description
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2019 AGM BOD Reports AGM Resources
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2019 AGM Proxy AGM Resources
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2019 AGM Agenda AGM Resources
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2019 AGM Itinerary AGM Resources
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2019 AGM Reports - Financials AGM Resources
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2019 AGM Notice of Meeting AGM Resources
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2018 AGM Reports AGM Resources
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Reinstatement Policy Document
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2017 AGM Reports AGM Resources
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2016 AGM Reports AGM Resources
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2015 AGM MINUTES AGM Resources
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2016 AGM Special Resolution AGM Resources
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2015 Winter Newsletter Newsletter
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Paying Dues Online: A Step by Step Guide Document
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R102B Student Application Form
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R102A Member Transfer Application Form
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R108 Membership Status Change Form
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R101 Student Information Letter Document
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R104 Student Enrollment Verification Form
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R113 Dues Notice Document
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E109 CEU Standards (PDF) Education Resources
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E102B Preceptor Logbook (xls) Education Resources
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E102A CEU Materials (PDF) Education Resources
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2012 Spring Newsletter Newsletter
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2012 Summer Newsletter Newsletter
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2012 Winter Newsletter Newsletter
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2013 Spring Newsletter Newsletter
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2013 Summer Newsletter Newsletter
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2013 Winter Newsletter Newsletter
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2014 Spring Newsletter Newsletter
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2011 Winter Newsletter Newsletter
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2011 Summer Newsletter Newsletter
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2011 Spring Newsletter Newsletter
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E102 CEU Logsheet (PDF) Education Resources
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E102 CEU Logsheet (XLS) Education Resources
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2014 AGM Minutes AGM Resources
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University of Alberta Cardiology Division Link N/A
UK Society for Cardiological Science and Technology Link N/A
The Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes Foundation Link N/A
The Heart: An Online Exploration Link N/A
Pacemaker Club Link N/A
Heart Info Link N/A
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Link N/A
H.S.A. Link N/A
Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology Link N/A
Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists Link N/A
Canadian Cardiovascular Society Link N/A
American Heart Association Link N/A
American College of Cardiology Link N/A
CTABC Bylaws Bylaw
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Vancouver Island Health Authority Link N/A
Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Link N/A
Providence Health Care Link N/A
Northern Health Authority Link N/A
LifeLabs Link N/A
Interior Health Authority Link N/A
Fraser Health Authority Link N/A
BC Biomedical Laboratories Link N/A
Holter Monitor Study Guide Document
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